Eliminate blocking points in your production process
The actors in your company and your customers will focus on the essentials

Project management

The tool allows the management of several projects in different environments depending on your resources and their assigned tasks. Delete daily points !

Customer validation
Automatic proof

Involve your customer in your production process such as sending / validating PFP and automatically restarting risky actions.

Planning view

Freshprocess is ultra customizable and very visual. Time management is facilitated with GANTT timelines per project and overviews.

Business modules for Graphic industry

Everyone with daily tasks needs Freshprocess! In addition to perfectly coincide with your business, we have developed specific business modules for the field of printing and for all machine production environments.

Equipe Freshcore

Inescapable developpement tools ?

Freshprocess has been developed by the agency Digital and Signage Freshcore. The company has gone through various project management systems: scrum post-it, innovative online solution in project management, daily point with paperboards etc. In a production context, all these methods have a time limit and for any company, time is money. Freshcore, then composed of 7 people before creating the production management tool Freshprocess had a constant volume of projects that was close to 20. Thanks to this tool, the company saw its productivity increase of 375% with 95 constant projects in speed cruise without additional hiring, only by optimizing everyday tasks. Are you still hesitating ? You can test the tool for free.

Printing business application
Management park production

Sending / Validation PFP automatic
Sending a PFP is essential to validate with the client the file for printing. When the graphist works, he has the possibility to attach a file that is sent to the client for validation. The client can validate or request a modification from a private interface.

Production park management
This module can be used for all trades with production machines. It allows to classify in one click all the tasks to be performed by machine. Example: an operator prints serially a multitude of projects on the same adhesive, in one click the person knows which files to print on the same material.

Customers feed-back

Software API connection

One of the strengths of the Freshprocess tool is that it can be powered via API by your activity management software / ERP quote, Prestashop / Magento e-commerce site etc.
Because of this, you keep your activity tracking habits, Freshprocess is a natural way to manage your production.
Example of use: After signing a quote on our software Dolibarr or EBP, the project is automatically created on Freshprocess with the default tasks with their associated resources. There is only to produce.